Youth Motivational Map Report + ‘Time To Talk’ toolkit


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Learn How Young People are Motivated and Access Tools to Increase Current Motivation

We know from years of experience, and being parents ourselves, that Young People are all unique and understanding them can be a challenge! Having responsibility for a Young Persons learning can present parents and teaching staff with challenges with engagement and motivation, but we can’t always work out where the issue comes from..

Learning how to communicate, and engage with your Young People in a way that resonates with them, is extremely powerful and has far reaching benefits.

Once you know how your child is motivated we will provide you with an individualised Coaching toolkit to support you to work with your child to increase, then maintain their motivation to learn and achieve..

Why will it benefit you and your child?

The Youth Map provides you with an insight into a Young Persons motivational drivers and also their current level of Motivation. This information is used to empower parents, young people and key people involved in education, to tailor learning and ensure young people are getting access to the right learning methods for them.

The impact of this is:

  • The ability to develop effective reward strategies that really work!
  • An increase in levels of motivation
  • A positive learning experience
  • Effective engagement in learning tasks
  • A happier working relationship between parents, teachers and young people

The ‘Time To Talk‘ Toolkit provides you with a step-by-step process to work through with your child/young person, to identify:

  • What they can do to enhance motivation
  • What you can do to support them
  • What others can do to support them (e.g teachers, mentors)

How it works:

-Order your Youth Motivational Map Report + ‘Time To Talk’ Toolkit

-We will email you a link to your map and unique password which your Young Person uses to complete the Online questionnaire (this takes around 12 minutes)

-Once completed we will email you your full map report for you to read. There is a report for the young person, parent and key mentor/teacher

-We will follow this up your individual ‘Toolkit’ based on The Map results.

-We will follow up via email to check on your progress and ask if there is anything we can do to support you..