Public Speaking Excellence 20th-21st May 2021


Your two-day Public Speaking Excellence training is hosted by Bevis Moynan, Lead Trainer at Magenta Coaching Solutions.

Payment can be made in full or via a deposit and monthly payment plan.

Pay a 25% deposit per item


Gain confidence and overcome the UK’s number one fear on this two-day Public Speaking Excellence Training.

This course is designed to address confidence and technical issues, this course is ideal for those who work in roles requiring public speaking, or simply for anyone looking to improve their presentation skills.

These days the ability to present and speak fluently in public is becoming more and more important in your career. Statistics show that public speaking is the number one fear in the UK and that many feel uncomfortable before and during speaking opportunities!

That is why after completing my own journey from a nervous wreck when speaking to someone who now makes a living out of it, I have decided to share my knowledge to give you the best possible training experience and transform your own ability as a speaker and presenter.