Magenta Map Journey

The Magenta Motivational Mapping Journey

At Magenta we believe that a defined development journey for yourself, your team or your business is fundamental to overall performance and work/life balance.

To be able to invest in people and yourself; rewards effort and commitment, providing ways to navigate effective communication, reduces misunderstandings and develop clear strageies for loyalty and performance as a whole.

Step 1

Complimentary Map and Debrief

The Motivational Map is a 15-minute questionnaire that produces a report on the participant’s motivator preferences, and the levels of each motivator. Once this questionnaire is complete, we arrange a 1:1 discussion to look at the results and further discuss how greater knowledge of what motivates you and how you can improve your performance.

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Step 2

Map Practioner Training

(Online or In-Person)

The Motivational Map Licensed Practitioner Training is a 2-day, in-depth program giving you the expertise to deliver the benefits of ‘The Map’ to your clients and colleagues. There is no other product like this on the market and it is fundamentally different from any other personality or psychometric tool. This training makes you an expert in understanding individual and team motivators, and you join a community of highly trained professionals helping people to achieve their career aspirations and support managers to more effectively manage their team.

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Level 2 (Optional)

Youth Map Practitioner Training

The Youth Map provides you with an insight into a young persons motivational drivers and gives valuable information to those around them who can have a significant influence on them. As a coach or mentor, the Youth Map Practitioner Training enables you to deliver The Map tool to identify core motivators and work with young people to empower them to become self-reliant, self-motivated lifelong learners. You can use the information to support the development of learning, reward strategies and promote effective engagement. The Map also provides a valuable insight to those around them who have significant influence including parents, teachers and mentors. Completing the Youth Map Practitioner Training provides you with the skills and ability to deliver Maps with young people from KS2 upwards and it can all be completed via investment in 3 online learning modules.

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Step 3

Online Map Coach Accreditation Training

The Motivational Map Coach Accreditation is an Online Coaching Course which accelerates your ability to use the map as a coaching tool. The training consists of eight modules with tasks for you to undertake between sessions and an online quiz at the end to ensure understanding and retention of knowledge prior to certification. This accredited course is structured around the book ‘Motivational Mapping for Coaching’ by James Sale and Bevis Moynan and enables you to use the Motivational Map as part of a coaching journey. Your complimentary copy of Motivational Mapping for Coaching will be posted to you on registration to support your training journey.
*Note you need to have completed level 1 prior to attending the course.

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Step 4

Business Motivational Map Practitioner Training

As a Business Practitioner you can train new Licensed Practitioners in the use of Motivational Maps without having to bring in an external trainer. You are responsible for those that you accredit, train and support them with their training and growth.
Due to the knowledge required to accredit and support new Practitioners, we prefer coaches to have experience as a Licensed Practitioner prior to commencing the journey to becoming a Business Practitioner.
For more information on training your own network of Licensed Practitioners, please contact us directly.

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Suzanne’s journey…

“The mapping process and one to one feedback gave greater self-awareness and the opportunity for individuals to review and discuss their motivators and how these can affect communication with colleagues and within the team. This insight has helped individuals to think about how their approach and communication with others can be changed to achieve the most effective results.”


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